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Philip Warren, Director and Founder of The Rock & Pop Music School
teaches privately in the Wimbledon,Raynes Park, New Malden and Teddington areas

Philip works from a carefully developed syllabus drawn from the experience of seven years of successful music tuition.  His syllabuses are continually reassessed and developed in order to ensure that he maintains the highest standard of teaching.

Learn Your Favourite Music
Philip asks pupils to bring their favourite CDs to each lesson and pupils are taught to play songs drawn from these CDs.  Philip also places strong emphasis on the development of aural perception, gradually training pupils to work out songs for themselves. 

Musical Awareness
Phil aims to combine the development of a pupil’s performance skills with a strong understanding of how music is formed.  With this in mind, Phil also emphasises the development of a pupil’s understanding of music structure.

Playing any instrument involves the efficient use of specialised muscles.  Learning to use these muscles can take many years of hard work.  Phil uses carefully developed exercises in order to train pupils to quickly identify and develop the correct muscles necessary for efficient playing technique. 

Specific Learning Difficulties
Philip is also particularly keen to help those who struggle to learn through conventional teaching methods.  One-to-one tuition can enable Philip to tailor teaching to each pupil’s specific needs.

Music Industry Advice
Philip works within the Rock/Pop Music Industry.  He is therefore able to offer private consultations for those who require advice concerning the complex area of how to pursue a career within this industry.  Ask for more details about Music Industry seminars, training and consultations.

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Philip Warren, Director and Founder of The Rock & Pop Music School also teaches privately in the Wimbledon, Raynes Park, New Malden and Teddington areas, and at all ages and all levels from beginner to advanced.  Phil teaches Guitar, Drums, Singing, Keyboard, Song-Writing, Producing, Sound Engineering, Music Theory and Relative Pitching and is able to give careers advice with regard to pursuing work in the Music Industry. 
Please contact Phil Warren on

07789 902169




If you are interested in Philip teaching you or your children privately, please call him on 07789-902169.
Phil is friendly and approachable so do not hesitate to call.


Philip Warren is Founder and owner of The Rock & Pop Music School, Southern England’s largest Rock/Pop music teaching agency and co-founder and co-owner of Back2Forward Records – currently promoting Buck Brothers who have had significant success across North America. 

Phil founded and owns The Rock & Pop Music School, South England’s largest Rock & Pop Music Teaching agency.  He has 7 years experience as a music tutor during which time he has become one of South West London’s most successful private music teachers.  Phil deals with all manner of clients and personalities, with varied musical abilities and who have presented various types of teaching challenges.  As a result, Phil is in a unique position to work with musicians, and his experience has given him a powerful ability to show pupils how to achieve musical goals that many would struggle to enable students to meet.  Phil is also happy to offer private tuition for artists who need to improve their musical skills. 

Phil Warren is also co-founder and co-owner of Back2Forward Records.  In October of last year, Back2Forward released Buck Brothers’ debut album, ‘Me’ in the US.  The promotional campaign was aimed at the specialty and student market.  Buck Brothers reached no. 9 in the FMQB chart, no. 7 in the KKBB chart (these charts measure the airplay received by artists on Specialty shows across all the US, most of which are broadcast on mainstream commercial stations) and also entered the CMJ chart.  Buck Brothers have also been played on LA’s world famous KROQ every week for over a year by Rodney Bingenheimer, one of the US’s most renouned DJs (Bingenheimer was the first to play countless bands including The Runaways, Blondie, The Ramones, Social Distortion, Van Halen, Duran Duran, Oasis, The Donnas, No Doubt, Coldplay, Dramarama, the Go-Go's, B-52's, X, The Vandals, and countless others, and in 2007 received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame).  Rodney is a major fan and proponent of the band.   Notable actor Daniel Radcliffe is also a fan of the band.  In March 2007 Phil helped co-ordinate Buck Brothers World Record attempt (highest number of gigs in 12 hours – 28 in total), which secured a 5 minute documentary on London Tonight (ITV’s London news coverage at 6:30pm), a page coverage in the Evening Standard and a plethora of articles and interviews featured in numerous press publications and broadcasts including GMTV, XFM, BBC London, Five Live and London Lite, after which The Music Directory officially ‘Saluted’ Back2Forward for their innovation in PR.  In 2005 Phil helped found Buck Brothers.  Phil has produced Buck Brothers’ debut album ‘Me’ and has helped oversee and co-ordinate the entire Buck Brothers project.  Phil is currently producing Buck Brothers second album which is due for release early next year. 

Phil, who has been dubbed ‘Philip ‘the Ear’ Warren, also demonstrates unparalleled aural ability.  He has relative pitching ability and is gradually developing perfect pitching.  He also has impeccable rhythm, virtuoso guitar ability, strong vocal ability, good drum ability, keyboard skills, and exceptional mixing ability.  Phil is capable of scoring entire songs and will happily demonstrate that he can quickly hear every tiniest detail and note on a recording and duplicate whatever he hears on an instrument note for note.  Clients are repeatedly astounded by what is becoming his legendary ear.  This places him in a unique position as a producer to iron out and isolate even the smallest error or discrepancy on a recording.  In his producing he also demonstrates his skills of instinctively knowing what the listener needs to hear in a successful chart song.  Phil knows what he wants and refuses to rest until he has achieved this.  Years of experience have now enabled Phil to achieve these goals with precision and speed. 

Philip has also pioneered in the study of popular music song-writing.  Philip has developed the ‘top 5 hits’ database analysing chord sequencing and melodic movement of hundreds of contemporary hits.  Every week Phil adds the chords of the top 5 UK chart songs to the database.  Very little or no work of this kind has been attempted in the academic sphere since almost all in depth harmonic musical analysis has concentrated on the study of Classical Music.  This situation has resulted from the ubiquitous, yet erroneous belief that the harmonic structure of contemporary music is a simplified version of traditional classical structure.  Some of the results of his studies can be found on this website.  In 2004 Philip put together the GAP song-writing team in order to write for Susanne Manning who was 4th runner up in Pop Idol.  One of the resulting songs can be heard on philipewarren.com.  This work provides a demonstration of Philip’s ability to write and co-ordinate team song-writing.  Philip thrives on combining his skills with talented artists and continues to write with promising new acts.